Michael Jordan Turns Down $120 Million Ad Campaign With Disney: “I Like My Reputation”

When its experiment with “wokeness” failed, the Walt Disney Corporation is frantically attempting to reposition itself. In the space of just under two years, the parks became deserted as visitors cancelled their bookings, their movies bombed after being altered to appeal to a tiny portion of Americans, and the CEO they dismissed was compelled to return in an effort to save the floundering company.

The big idea was to get some well-known figures to support the business as it returned to family values. Regrettably, the only individual who could have made it work and the most famous name in the world declined.

Disney offered Michael Jordan $120 million to become the new name and face of the firm, but he declined.

Joe Barron, Jordan’s longstanding friend and publicist, said of his friend, “Mike is done with the social justice warrior thing. It’s far too woke for him. If someone wants to succeed, they need to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and use their inherent talents to play professional sports. That’s how easy it is.

In addition to a half-dozen appearances at Disney World, Jordan would have committed to ten years of riding the Disney float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He would also stay with his family and friends in Cinderella’s castle and wave from the window every morning.

Barron remarked, “They’ll have to do better. That’s an awful lot of waving a whole boatload of wokeness to overlook for a meager $120 mill. Despite our requests for comment, Disney has not responded. Ever. Godspeed to the USA.






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